How to Be Happy Again

Some things in life, we get fundamentally wrong. One of those things is happiness. Once we were happy, now we’re not, and we want to know how to be happy again. The obvious answer is to find happiness, and so we go on a journey to find it.  If we find it, we hold on...

Consumerism and the Lost Art of Creativity

What if inventor Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931) could get a glimpse of how we live now? What would good ol’ Thomas think? I’m pretty sure his face would melt from awe and disbelief.  All because in the last 100 years, very creative people have solved mind-boggling...

Let Go of the Idea That Your Life Could Have Been Anything Else

Remember when life was all about landing your first job and staying there until retirement?  When it was about marrying your high school sweetheart and raising 2,3 kids together? When it was about buying the house with the white picket fence? Remember that? Yeah, me...

Love and Rejection

1.2 million followers on Instagram, DM’s for booty calls by the dozens, shoutouts on every corner of the internet, and still Amanda felt empty inside every time she looked in the mirror. Well, looking in the mirror is a big statement. After a couple of seconds of eye...

Reclaim the Freedom to Be Your Curious Self

Billy was always an adventurous little fella. As a toddler, he would open every cabin, lick whatever was within his reach, and was highly fascinated by everything that happened in nature. In kindergarten, he was always the one taking the lead. Billy would make up fun...

Thoughts on life and improvement

Hey, I’m Dennis, a firm believer in the power of genuine weirdness and authenticity. In my writings, I explore the wonderful craziness of us as people and how we can improve. The craziness is divided in five topics, which you can find below. Want to see the full archive? Click the fancy button below.

Becoming yourself

By going on a journey to becoming yourself you start peeling all the layers that constraint your true essence that resides in the core of your being. It takes a lot of work and courage to embark on this journey of a lifetime, but well worth the effort.

Finding purpose

 In order to be happy most of the time, you should have a clear sense of purpose. The process of working on something that matters, will create that sense, and that’s often a more meaningful state of being than the happiness as a result of finishing what you’re working on.

Personal values

Personal values are the blueprint for how you act and react in the world. It’s your own personal manual that will give you direction and makes you a strong presence. When you know what’s really important to you, you can make decisions that are aligned with your being.


Self-awareness is having a clear understanding of who you are and why you act in a certain way. It’s the key to knowing yourself and understanding other people. By being self-aware, you gain a certain ability of control in your life, instead of life controlling you.

Surviving the world

We live in a world of infinite possibilities, non-stop connection with the entire world, and millions of things screaming for our attention. While modern-day society has many positive benefits, it also comes with a cost. 

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