Start Now, Suck Big Time and Fail Forward

You’ve been dreaming of starting your creative venture for years, but you don’t have the equipment, the money, the time or the knowledge. What do you do? You start now with what you have, right here and right now! Starting out with a new quest can be challenging, especially when you have a full time Read more about Start Now, Suck Big Time and Fail Forward[…]

5 Lessons in Creative Mastery From Sushi Chef Jiro Ono

My first blog post was Master the Basics, about the importance of creating quality drums for your music productions. I’m a firm believer that no matter what you do, pursuing mastery should always be part of the process. The obvious country to visit for mastery is Japan. Land of the Rising Sun, geishas and samurais. This Read more about 5 Lessons in Creative Mastery From Sushi Chef Jiro Ono[…]

How To Successfully Arrange Club Music

Making an effective record is like a vacation. Lets say the sweet spot for a vacation at a beautiful resort is 11 days. When you leave after 10 days you feel like you’re leaving paradise and you want to come back again. This is the greatest place you’ve ever visited and you’ll tell the world Read more about How To Successfully Arrange Club Music[…]

Understanding every synthesizer in a 5 minute read

Samples and synthesizer presets are a great way to make music. There are amazing sounds out there and there have been made timeless hits with samples and presets. The one thing that pushed me away from this was that a sound was sort of good, but not really what I wanted it to be. For Read more about Understanding every synthesizer in a 5 minute read[…]